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Welcome to ISA!

Why do we need item information?

We collect and process item information on behalf of our ISA users. Our users are your customers; several retailers, wholesalers and hardware stores.

Under European regulations, where applicable, your clients must have access to, among other things, safety data sheets (SDS, in accordance with the REACH Regulation) and declarations of performance for construction products (DoP, in accordance with the CPR Regulation) and be able to submit these per product. In addition, they may request safety information for batteries, pesticides, fertilizers, cosmetics or certain objects (HID).

It is important for them to quickly have access to the correct documents and/or data. This way they can comply with legal regulations and/or take the correct measures for safe storage, transport, and sale of the products (in physical stores and online).

If retailers, wholesalers and hardware stores are inspected by the ILT or FPS and do not have the necessary documents, they risk a fine.

What is ISA?

ISA is a unique platform in which article information of products is collected, processed, validated and translated into required data fields and information for logistics (ADR), communication (CLP) or occupational safety (HSE).

Why are you being approached as a supplier?

We ask you for item information when you supply products to our users and when additional information is required for these products.

It is the legal obligation of suppliers to provide Safety Data Sheets (SDS) and Declarations of Performance (DoP), if this applies to the products.

In addition, by providing article information, as a supplier you also contribute to the professionalism and service to your customer.


If desired, we can send you the cooperation letter from your customer, or put you in touch with one of our contact persons.

How do I provide the requested information?

If you are a supplier to one of our users, you have been given an ISA account. You will then have received a welcome email with the necessary information to log in.


In your ISA account you can see what information is requested and which products are involved.

You can then upload the information via your account. In addition, delivery via GS1 is also possible. When you are logged in to your ISA account, you can consult the manuals for this.

You can log in to your ISA account here

The email address at which you receive emails from us is your username

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